The Buck Stops Over There: Newsom Demands “Real Accountability” From Everyone But Himself

Gov. Newsom loves to preach about accountability in California’s fight against homelessness. Since 2018, he’s been a broken record, demanding measurable results from just about everyone:

  • 10/10/18: “[W]e’ve laid out a detailed, comprehensive strategy to address the homeless crisis […]. And we’ve laid out prescriptive, measurable opportunities to actually make a real impact…” (Fox2 KTVU).
  • 2/19/20: “We must replace California’s scattershot approach with a coordinated crisis-level response. […] And we will [reduce homelessness] with real accountability and consequences.” (2020 State of the State)
  • 9/25/23: “The only thing limiting people is an unwillingness to be accountable, and I’m just done with that.” (KNX).
  • 12/15/23: “I’m with the taxpayers. I’m not interested in funding failure anymore. We’re done with waste and duplication.” (Fox 5 KSWB).

The only one Gavin doesn’t seem to expect concrete results from? Himself.

Yesterday’s report from the state auditor revealed that 60% of Newsom’s homelessness programs don’t bother to collect enough data to judge their effectiveness.

No wonder California’s homeless population grew 53% since 2013 despite billions in state spending.

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher slammed Newsom’s ineffectiveness, saying “This is standard Gavin Newsom – make a splashy announcement, waste a bunch of taxpayer money, and completely fail to deliver. Californians are tired of the homeless crisis and they’re even more tired of Gavin’s excuses. We need results – period, full stop.”