Assembly Republicans are fighting for solutions to California's most important issues.

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California Needs to Tackle Inflation

Skyrocketing inflation is squeezing workers and making California's affordability crisis even worse. We need to bring down energy costs and lower taxes so Californians can afford life in the Golden State.

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Preparing Students for the Future

Republicans support our public schools being open full-time to offer instruction and additional support to mitigate learning loss. The role of the state is to ensure schools have the tools to to safely remain open. Schools should have access to free rapid testing, and funding to support cleanliness and proper ventilation.

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Homelessness Button

Acting to Address Homelessness

California is home to 12% of the US population, but more than half of its unsheltered homeless. Republicans have a plan to ACT on homelessness with accountability, compassion and targeted prevention to keep people off the streets.

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Make it Easier to Build

Assembly Republicans want to make homeownership accessible for all Californians. For a modern California, Republicans are working to reform antiquated mandates and prioritize flexibility. This will reduce costs, speed up construction, and encourage more housing.

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Californians Should Feel Safe

Republicans are invested in making sure Californians can feel safe from violence and theft. To do that, Republicans are fighting to solve our public safety challenges by funding our courts, supporting law enforcement, and closing loopholes that criminals are taking advantage of (Proposition 47/57).

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Assembly Republicans continue their staunch support for Prop 13 emphasizing the importance of these protections for all taxpayers – residential and commercial and the benefit to local government of ensuring a stable revenue source.

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Gas Tax

Californians pay both the highest gas prices and gas taxes in the nation. California gas prices are more than $1/gallon higher than the national average. Due to surging inflation, gas prices have risen by 50% over the past year.

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Natural Gas Prices

Roughly 70% of California households rely on gas for heating. Nationwide, wholesale natural gas prices have fallen about 50% since the end of October. Meanwhile, the opposite trend has emerged in California, where prices have risen 63%.

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Water Banner

Improve Storage Capacity

Making things worse, California has kicked the can down the road on maintenance and failed to build new water storage despite the voters authorizing 2.7 Billion dollars to do so.

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Forest Management

For decades, California has mismanaged its forests and caved to radical special interests that oppose nearly every project to thin the trees that fuel wildfires. This has left the forests heavily overgrown and highly vulnerable to devastating wildfires.

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