Republican Leader Issues Warning to Californians: Governor’s Climate Package Will Increase Costs for Housing, Gas, Electricity

SACRAMENTO – Today, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City) warned Californians of new last-minute proposals being pushed by Governor Gavin Newsom that are expected to significantly increase the cost of living in California. 

“The Governor and his Democrat allies in the Legislature just don’t get it. Inflation is at a 40-year high and yet they continue piling on new laws that make living in California more expensive,” said Gallagher. “If Democrats go along with the Governor on this, understand that your rent, gas and electricity bills will go up even higher.”

Today at 1pm, supporters of the climate plan are hosting a rally on the steps of the Capitol where attendees will ‘enjoy popsicles’ and call on legislators to beat the heat by taking action on the Governor’s proposal. 

“The plan to fight inflation can’t simply be ‘have a popsicle and buy a Tesla’. Families struggling to make ends meet in this crazy state deserve so much better than that,” said Gallagher.

Early estimates show that the Governor’s plan could cost taxpayers $130 billion dollars, add $50,000 to the median price of a home and eliminate 8,000 jobs.

Gallagher noted last week that the Governor’s proposal will likely be met with resistance in the Legislature given the short timeframe until adjournment on August 31st and the reality that some of Newsom’s concepts already stalled in the Legislature earlier this year.