In Case You Missed It Modesto Bee to Democrats: “It is past time to take action” to hold fentanyl traffickers accountable.

The fentanyl crisis is about public health & public safety, but Democrats ignore half the problem (Hint: it’s not public health). 

Over the weekend, the Modesto Bee slammed Democrats in an editorial for their continued inaction on the fentanyl epidemic.

The editorial called out “Democratic legislators committed to progressivism [who] have stubbornly ignored calls for stiffer penalties, despite 6,000 fentanyl deaths in California in 2021.

Each day, more Californians lose their lives to this “indiscriminate killer,” as The Bee rightfully named it. People are begging lawmakers to hold traffickers accountable for selling this poison.

Democrats have done the opposite, turning a blind eye to the suffering caused by dealers who sell poisonous fentanyl without any fear of consequences.

This is a bipartisan issue with bipartisan demand for action. As The Bee said: “Lawmakers must stop insisting that the fentanyl crisis is about public health and not public safety when it’s clearly both.”