Gallagher on Switch to Winter Blend Gas

“Announcement is a win for drivers, but Newsom needs to go further to bring down prices.” 

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City) applauded Governor Newsom’s announcement that California will switch to the less expensive winter blend of gasoline, but called on him to do more to bring down costs by suspending the gas tax and reducing barriers to achieving energy independence.

Today’s announcement is a win for drivers, but Newsom needs to go further to bring down gas prices,” said Gallagher. “Enough with the finger pointing, sham investigations and unfounded allegations of price gouging. Everyone knows that prices are high because of California’s taxes and regulations – so let’s fix that and get drivers some relief.

California gas prices jumped 14 cents/gallon overnight, pushing California’s statewide average over the $6 mark for just the third time in history. The difference between California gas prices and the national average is currently $2.19/gallon, a gap that has widened by 81 cents since Newsom signed a law he promised would bring down prices by ending “price gouging.”

The California Energy Commission has attributed the state’s high gas prices to our isolated refinery market, environmental programs, unique fuel blends and higher taxes … not price gouging.