Democrats Continue their ‘Investigation’ into High Gas Prices

If they’re looking for answers, maybe their should look in a mirror. 

Tomorrow, the Assembly Utilities & Energy Committee is meeting to receive an update from the Division of Petroleum Market Oversight. Ahead of this hearing to discuss why gas is so expensive, let’s recount some gas facts we already know:

  • California regularly has the highest gas prices in the nation, currently $1.65 more than the national average.
  • Last March Governor Newsom signed a law he claimed would “bring big oil to its knees” and lower gas costs by ending “price gouging.” Since then, California gas prices have soared $0.45 cents a gallon – and the gap between California’s average and the national average has increased nearly $0.30 cents a gallon.
  • Newsom’s gas tax will increase again on July first, spiking the price of gas for consumers yet again. Despite the governor stating he wants to bring prices down, there are no plans from his office to stop this hike.

The California Air Resource Board is also weighing amendments to California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, which could raise gas prices another $0.50 cents.

Everyone in California knows why gas is so expensive: high taxes and expensive mandates.

The solutions is simple: give Californians the relief they deserve by cutting taxes, not dancing around the true cause of price spikes.

If Democrats want to find the boogeyman driving up gas prices, they only need to look in the mirror.