A Safe California

Republicans are invested in making sure Californians can feel safe from violence and theft.

To do that, Republicans are fighting to solve our public safety challenges by funding our courts, supporting law enforcement, and closing loopholes that criminals are taking advantage of (Proposition 47/57).

Public Safety


AB 15 (Dixon) Early Release Transparency

Requires the record of a prison inmate’s early release calculation to be made available to the public upon request - Provides that the calculation for a particular inmate’s date of release from prison is a public record which must be disclosed upon request: This would provide that the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation may not withhold these types of records from public disclosure. (Coauthors: Davies, Essayli, Mathis, Joe Patterson, Ta)

AB 15 (Dixon)

AB 18 (Patterson, Joe) Controlled Substances

Requires a person who is convicted of/pleads guilty to selling fentanyl to get a notice about dangers of distributing controlled substances and that if a person dies they could be charged with voluntary manslaughter or murder. (Coauthors: Alanis, Essayli, Gallagher, Jim Patterson)

AB 18 (Patterson, Joe)

AB 27 (Ta) Sentencing Enhancements

Exempts firearms use-related sentencing enhancements from a current law requirement judges must dismiss a sentencing enhancement if it is “in the furtherance of justice.” Instead provides that a judge would not be required to dismiss the enhancements for criminal defendants who commit felonies while armed with, or while using, firearms during the commission of a felony, ensuring these criminals will serve longer sentences.

AB 27 (Ta)

AB 56 (Lackey) Victim Restitution

Expand direct restitution paid by convicted criminals to their victims to include “non-economic damages” in additional violent felony offense cases: This would add criminal offenders who commit rape, stalking, kidnapping, mayhem, human trafficking, and one kind of child sexual abuse omitted from existing law to the existing child sexual abuse exception to the general rule that direct restitution orders do not apply to the victim’s “non-economic damages.” (Coauthors: Gallagher, Bonta, Bryan, Jones-Sawyer, Mathis, Ortega)

AB 56 (Lackey)

AB 75 (Hoover & Davies) Restore Pre-Prop 47 Felonies

Increase penalties for serial theft crimes: Reenact the penalties which existed for the crime of committing petty theft with multiple prior theft-related convictions which existed prior to their repeal by Proposition 47 of 2014. This change requires approval by the voters. (Coauthors: Mathis)

AB 75 (Hoover & Davies)

AB 88 (Sanchez) Enhance Crime Victims’ Rights

AB 88 will ensure that crime victims are able to meaningfully exercise their existing rights during parole hearings. Specifically, the bill will prevent the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation from requiring more than 15 days’ notice from crime victims, their next of kin, their family members, victims support persons, or their legal counsel as to whether they wish to participate in parole hearings. The bill will also clarify that regardless of whether the prosecution and defense attorneys agree to forego an in court hearing on the petition of resentencing, crime victims may request to be heard. (Principal coauthor: Senator Alvarado-Gil; Coauthors: Assemblymembers Megan Dahle, Gallagher)

AB 88 (Sanchez)

AB 303 (Davies) Armed & Prohibited Persons System (APPS) Reform

Armed & Prohibited Persons System (APPS) Reform – Requires the California Attorney General’s Office to share any investigative reports and notes on individuals on the APPS with local law enforcement agencies. Allows greater local enforcement of APPS.

AB 303 (Davies)

AB 328 (Essayli) Gun Violence

Restore the mandatory nature of the 10-20-Life law firearms enhancements: This will ensure that anyone who brandishes, discharges, or inflicts great bodily injury with a firearm during the commission of a specified violent felony will be held accountable. (Coauthors: Assembly members Alanis, Chen, Megan Dahle, Davies, Flora, Gallagher, Lackey, Mathis, Joe Patterson, Waldron – Senate Members Dahle, Ochoa Bogh, Seyarto)

AB 328 (Essayli)

AB 330 (Dixon) Access to Domestic Violence Information for Survivor Empowerment (ADVISE) Act

Access to Domestic Violence Information for Survivor Empowerment (ADVISE) Act – Requires the Office of Emergency Services to host and update a website with resources and key information for victims of domestic violence: This would include key details about laws and services available to victims of domestic violence, in at least five languages. (Principal coauthor: Lackey; Coauthors: Alanis, Chen, Megan Dahle, Davies, Essayli, Gallagher, Ta)

AB 330 (Dixon)

AB 335 (Alanis) Repeal Prop 47

Requires the Little Hoover Commission to study and issue a report with recommendations relating to retail theft, shoplifting, and organized retail theft, as specified. Requires the commission to include any findings and recommendations relating to laws, policies, and practices regarding retail theft, shoplifting, and organized retail theft in California in the report. Requires the report to be submitted to the Legislature by January 1, 2026. Requires an in-depth study of retail theft and related crimes and the response to those crimes by the criminal justice system. (Coauthor: Senator Alvarado-Gil)

AB 335 (Alanis)
AB 641 (Fong, Vince) Catalytic Converter Theft

AB 641 (Fong, Vince) Catalytic Converter Theft

Makes it illegal to possess two or more used and detached catalytic converters without a legitimate purpose. Closes a loophole that prevents charging catalytic converter thieves found in possession of multiple detached converters. (Principal coauthor: Jim Patterson; Coauthors: Alanis, Chen, Dixon, Essayli, Flora, Joe Patterson, Ta, Wallis)

AB 641 (Fong, Vince)
AB 890 (Patterson, Joe) Controlled substances: probation.

AB 890 (Patterson, Joe) Controlled substances: probation.

Provides that whenever a court grants probation to a person who commits drug possession, possession for sale, or sale/transportation/manufacturing of a controlled substance involving fentanyl, carfentanil, benzimidazole opiate, or an analog of those drugs, the trial court would be required to complete a "fentanyl and synthetic opiate education program, if one is available. Requires the Department of Public Health to approve the programs and establish curriculum and oversight. Requires the course to include specified components. Requires drug offenders who commit fentanyl and related drug offenses to be educated about the danger of these drugs and existing laws and harm reduction policies. Status: Assembly Appropriations Committee (Coauthors: Assembly Members Alanis, Hoover, and Mathis) (Coauthors: Senators Jones and Nguyen) <

AB 890 (Patterson, Joe)
AB 1058 (Patterson, Jim) Restructuring Penalty for Possession of Fentanyl

AB 1058 (Patterson, Jim) Restructuring Penalty for Possession of Fentanyl

Will address the fentanyl epidemic by restructuring the penalty for possession of large quantities of fentanyl and its analogs, targeting dealers and not their victims. (Coauthors: Alanis)

AB 1058 (Patterson, Jim)
AB 1368 (Lackey) Sexual Assault Forensic Kits

AB 1368 (Lackey) Sexual Assault Forensic Kits

Requires backlog of sexual assault forensic evidence kits to be tested (i.e. kits collected before 2016). (Coauthors: Chen, Megan Dahle, Dixon, Essayli, Flora, Gallagher, Gipson, Joe Patterson, Ta, Wallis)

AB 1368 (Lackey)