A Quality Education


School choice empowers parents to select the best educational environment for their children, including those in areas plagued by the opioid epidemic, and protects them from the dangers of drugs like fentanyl.



AB 19 (Joe Patterson) Protecting Students from Drug Overdose

Require schools to have an opioid antagonist (Narcan) onsite to rescue students from an accidental overdose: Requires each school to have no less than two doses Narcan onsite to be available to aid persons suffering from an opioid overdose. Ensures that our schools are prepared for the potential of an opioid overdose, which is becoming more common as Fentanyl is flooding into California and doses have been made to look like prescription drugs and even candy. (Coauthors: Alanis) Status: Assembly Third Reading

AB 19 (Joe Patterson)

AB 237 (Wallis) Freedom to Choose Excellence in Education Act

This proposal will allow students in the lowest performing subgroup at a school to transfer to another school within a district or to another school outside of the district if the school the student attends is in the red or orange performance band in two or more of the state measures for three consecutive years on the school dashboard. Establishing this accountability will allow the students most affected by a struggling school to choose another school within the district or in another school district; this will increase education equity for our most vulnerable students who suffer under the achievement gap and are most likely to suffer if they are forced to remain in struggling schools. (Coauthors: Essayli, Hoover) Status: Failed in Assembly Appropriations Committee

AB 237 (Wallis)
AB 290 (Hoover) CTE Expansion

AB 290 (Hoover) CTE Expansion

Expand and stabilize career technical education (CTE): Increases funding for the Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program (CTEIG) and provides funding for regional career technical education coordinators. Expresses the state's commitment to effective programs for our working class families through high quality CTE. (Coauthors: Flora, Mathis)

AB 290 (Hoover)
AB 629 (Wallis) ScholarShare 529 Tax Conformity

AB 629 (Wallis) ScholarShare 529 Tax Conformity

Conform California tax code with the federal SECURE 2.0, and ensure tax-free rollovers of money in 529 plans to Roth individual retirement accounts starting in 2024. Status: Failed in Assembly Appropriations Committee

AB 629 (Wallis)

AB 802 (Patterson, Joe) Curriculum Transparency

Promotes transparency of school curriculum: Requires local education agencies to notify parents about their right to review curriculum. Ensures that parents know they may review school curriculum. Status: Failed in Assembly Appropriations Committee

AB 802 (Patterson, Joe)