🏠 Newsom’s Tiny Homes Project Has Produced Tiny Results

$24 billion in promises made, none of them kept. 

SACRAMENTO – Over a year ago, Governor Newsom promised to send 1,200 tiny homes to cities across California as part of his strategy to end homelessness. Just one problem: not a single tiny home has opened yet, as CalMatters reported today. 

With a homeless crisis this bad, you’d think the Governor would be working overtime to address the crisis. But if there is anything the governor is good at, it’s making a splashy promise, then completely failing to deliver. After all, why fix California’s problems when you can vacation in Italy instead.

In the past five years he’s spent 24 billion taxpayer dollars on a crisis that’s only gotten worse. On top of that, his administration didn’t even bother to track what that money accomplished.

But at least Californians know what Newsom’s tiny home spending accomplished: nothing.