🏃♂️⏰Running Out The Clock: Newsom Can’t Solve CA’s Problems, So He’ll Just Try To Wait Them Out

“Hide and Seek” is a child’s game, not advice on how to run a state. 

The governor can’t run out the clock on major issues forever, but he’ll sure give it a try. 

We’ve all seen pro-Hamas demonstrators seizing buildings, shutting down campuses and harassing Jewish students in the last few weeks.

But Governor Newsom has been a ghost, apparently hoping the unrest would end with the school year.

Wishing a problem will go away on its own isn’t a great strategy, but it seems to be one of the Governor’s favorites.

He’s relied on gimmicks, borrowing and delays to make our $73 billion deficit the next governor’s problem. 

It might also be why he’s delayed the State of the State Address indefinitely.

By the Governor’s logic if you don’t acknowledge the problem, I guess it doesn’t exist.